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“About Me, This and That”... 

...sections are supposed to be these short blurbs of basic information about yourself, but I can’t do that. I like to talk when I’m comfortable and this here is my safe space. Here, I am free to be me without limitations or minimalizations. This is my heart, mind, and body in my own words. Not all of it but what I am willing to share with the you. I’m a beautiful complex being with countless thoughts and ideas. My thoughts turn into research and my research sends me down a rabbit hole of spiraling information that I can’t keep to myself.  My ideas turn into projects that I present to the world and later abandon because of fear of success or in some cases- because it just wasn’t giving what needed to be gave (I think that’s how it goes). 

Out of all my ventures,

Shauna Madonna was the only thing that stuck. Happy or sad, rich, or poor, I’ve never not been reminded of my safe space. I’ve never not stopped working on it. Whether mentally, spiritually, or physically I’ve been working. It started as a fashion blog but overtime it’s flourished into everything that I love. This bundle of life, love and looks is a melting pot of black girl goodness. It’s spiritual. It’s free. It’s raw, classy and ratchet. It is the fruit of my labor. 

Shauna Madonna is a safe place for us to educate, empower, learn, and grow. All emotions are welcomed once, twice, three times in the name of the Lord (if you know, you know). Understand, this is not a place for bullshit because we will get on your ass. 

Love & LighT,