10 Tips for Happy Thrifting

10 Tips for Happy Thrifting

Shauna Toomer
3 min read


Retro. Vintage. Old school. Whatever you want to call it, I LOVE it. I’ve been thrifting for a little over 10 years and it has saved me so much money. To be honest, I’ll choose a thrift store over the mall any day. They are rarely overcrowded, it’s therapeutic and there’s so much to choose from. I’m bound to find timeless pieces and the best part–the chances of me finding someone else with the same piece are slim to none.

“I’d thrift but I don’t know how.”

I hear this phrase often and I could give advice all day! If you’re ready to dive into the wonderful world of thrifting, I got you.

  • Glasses: Grandma's Closet
  • Denim jacket: Walmart-$11
  • Sweater: Grandma's Closet
  • Yellow leggings: Walmart-$5
  • Vintage Dooney: Thrifted-$10
  • Chucks: Rack Room-$30 (BOGO Sale)

  1. Have  somewhat of a plan. Keep your plans general. You may or may not find an orange silk blouse but if your mission is blouses, make that your first stop. Checking your closet beforehand is always a good idea. Make a list of things you need and go from there. 
  2. Research your local thrift stores. If we’re being honest, all thrift stores do not have thrift store prices or quality selections. Read reviews and decide which stores appeal to your needs.
  3. Timing. If your schedule permits, shop during the week. This is the time when stores typically put out new inventory. By Saturday, the items are sometimes picked over. You'll find a gem, but you may have to dig a little harder.
  4. Attire. We really don’t know where these clothes came from and most stores don’t have a return policy. Wear clothes specifically for the fitting room or lack thereof. A thin top and leggings are perfect. You can try on your pieces without taking anything off and you’ll be comfortable. 
  5. Tags. Pay attention to signs and color tags. Yellow tags might be 50% off today.
  6. Be  creative.If you’re on the hunt for distressed mom jeans. Distress them yourself. If you spot a small hole or stain, you might be able to cover it with a dope pin. SN: Inspect everything.
  7. Sizes. Don’t get caught up in sizing. That cool dress can be a cool shirt. 
  8. Be patient. I like to look through everything in my desired section. Headphones and a good playlist always keep me calm. 
  9. Control your coin.Don’t forget the budget in "boujie on a budget." Do you really need that? How bad do you want it? Can you get multiple uses out of this piece? How good is the quality?
  10. Have fun.Take a friend. An extra set of eyes and a fun person to bounce ideas off of makes for a great time.