A Shauna Madonna Read | Peaceful Partnerships

A Shauna Madonna Read | Peaceful Partnerships

Shauna Toomer
2 min read


Through business, love or family, this is a sign for you to work together. It's time to think outside of yourself and see the big picture. Right now, genuine connections are brewing. So please don't fight them.

Decks Used:

  • The Modern Witch Deck
  • The Illustrated Herbiary
  • Unity
  • Love
  • Positive Partnerships
  • Harmony
  • Mutual Attraction

Teamwork and positive networking can be beneficial. You and your partner can combine different levels of expertise to make shit happen. Yes, I understand you're used to doing things on your own, and the process of building bridges is complex. But you don't have to do it alone. You, also, don't know everything. So, why not work together? Take things slow if you need to. Have compassion for yourself and your partner(s) because the transition is rarely easy. Communicate your feelings to your partner(s) and allow a safe space for growth.

Throughout our growth, sometimes we need a guide. Other times we are the guide. Either way, guidance is essential. So put your focus and knowledge together to create a beautiful synergy that is positive, harmonious and mutually beneficial. The last thing, for now, begin practicing patience, compassion and releasing control. These three practices will guide you and your partner(s) to an effective, exponential growth.

SN: If this resonates as a business relationship - CONTRACTS! Read them, review them, discuss and negotiate. Even in our partnerships, we're smart!

Remember: Take what resonates. Leave what doesn't. Share the rest with a friend.

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