A Shauna Review: Dollar Tree Beauty Serum

A Shauna Review: Dollar Tree Beauty Serum

Shauna Toomer
2 min read


This trip to Dollar Tree was strictly for tea lights–nothing else. Somehow, I ended up roaming around in search of things that needed me and out of nowhere, a small green box with the words "Natural Eyelash Enhance Serum" caught my eye. What?! Natural?! In Dollar Tree?! Yep. Just castor oil and rosemary essential oil. Sold!

I could've made this myself, but I figured it was only $1, and it makes for good content, so why not? The Beauty Guru serum comes in a small amber bottle with a green and orange label. Its consistency is a bit thick, and the aroma of rosemary is present but subtle.

I opened the mascara-like applicator, wishing it was connected to the bottle but quickly reminded myself that it was only $1. Each stroke moisturized my baby lashes. They glistened and shined like a fresh pack of falsies. Good Lord, I was shocked! Most people pay $20-$100 for this level of beauty. There's no way I could contain my excitement.

After one overzealous action, a globe of serum dropped in my eye, and for a split second, I felt a panic attack. To my surprise, it didn't burn, itch nor irritate.

The 8ml bottle lasted a little over a month, and I can see some growth in my lashes. Good job, Dollar Tree. Thanks for helping this beauty maintain her budget.