A Shauna Review: Saige and Ivy

A Shauna Review: Saige and Ivy

Shauna Toomer
2 min read


Natural deodorant has somewhat of a bad rep. So if I'm honest, I was afraid to try Saige and Ivy and every other brand. I'm too old to be musty, and at the time, it was hot as hell outside.

After some thought, I figured –hey– it's a small, Black-owned business, she's local, and I like her, so why not? I haven't touched a chemical-filled deodorant bar since my package came in the mail. Whenever I hear a person bad-mouthing natural deodorant, I kindly inform them that they tried the wrong one.

Saige and Ivy is the truth, honey. The paraben and aluminum-free sprays come in four refreshing scents: Lemongrass + Tea Tree (my favorite), Flourish, Lavender + Eucalyptus, and Grapefruit + Mint. They are all-natural with ingredients like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and more. In addition to the sprays, there's a lovely underarm scrub with a detox mask to match. It's literally a facial for your armpits.

Recently, Saige and Ivy has added fresh cleansing bars, body powder and hand cleansing spray to the list. I can't wait to expand my products. Thank you, Saige and Ivy, for keeping my underarms fresh and natural.