An Interview with a Reiki Practitioner: Queen Calii Rollin’

An Interview with a Reiki Practitioner: Queen Calii Rollin’

Shauna Toomer
5 min read


For some reiki is an unknown or taboo subject. For others it is a way of life. Dive into this conversation with Queen Calii to find out what she does, how she does it and how the search for a connection with relatives lead her to her divine purpose.

“I began to really dig deep within & connect with myself, on a deeper level... “

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The Who

The Queen comes from a natural nickname given to her long ago. As well as the Calii – deriving from a past obsession with the state of California. The Rollin’ is an ode to her late brother and his business Steady Rollin’.

In addition to being a Cum Laude graduate of the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University, Queen is a bright beam of light and a leader of love. She is a pillar of every community she touches by walking with grace, giving back through various drives for the homeless and curating safe spaces for people to heal, work toward their goals and just be.

The What

“Reiki is an energy healing session that consists of me assisting you with balancing your seven chakras or energy circles. A lot of people misconstrue what I do and say that I align an individuals seven chakras, but I don’t do that. I help balance your seven chakras. In the session, I step into your energy to identify the blocks. It’s also a connection with spirit and they deliver messages to you through me. It’s an energy opener. It’s freeing yourself from blocks that you’re not even aware of. I walk through with you where the blocks are and then I give you a step-by-step guide. “


What’s included in the guide?

  • Foods to eat
  • Activities to do
  • Journal Prompts
  • Affirmations

The When and Why

 In 2019, Queen Calii was somewhat stepping into her spiritual journey. After the transition of her brother, Tyshon Scott, she found herself in a “really dark place,” suffering from chronic anxiety and depression.


“I just wasn’t functioning well as my normal self, and I began to really dig deep within myself, on a deeper level this time. I started going to therapy, I still go to therapy. I started really studying different energy modalities for myself because I was seeing different doctors to try to get help for my anxiety. They were giving me medications and just one day I literally woke up like, ‘I can’t medicate myself.’ I really have to feel these things that I’m feeling. I really have to sit in this pain and grow from this.That is when I got my first reiki and everything I’m doing now – she told me I was going to be doing. I was like, you know, I’m not here for that. I was really in search of a connection with my brother and my dad. “

The Now

 “It happened so fast. I saw myself become a total new woman and in the evolving, I was so eager to help. Me constantly trying to find a connection with [my brother and dad], really got me in alignment with myself and connecting with my own Spirit and Spirit guides. It really pushed me into who I’ve always been and I just wasn’t aware of it. That’s where it all began for me – once I started healing myself.”

 Accepting herself as a new woman was hard. Queen Calii lost a lot of people and friendships. She experienced a lot of judgement and criticism but she was ready for it. Instead of retaliating or leading with anger, she leads with love because she knows that even through her transgressions she is love and deserving of all things beautiful.

When the reiki practitioner isn’t offering her healing hands or feeding people on the streets of Greensboro – she journals, meditates and commits herself to daily practices that keep her growing and glowing. Speaking of glowing, outside of self-love, sound healing and of course, reiki sessions, Calii Rollin’ Studios offers body oils, energy charged beads and other items that will have you shining from the inside out.

If you’re drawn or feel called to reach out to Queen Calii, I highly recommend it. Just recently I experienced the beauty of a session with her and it was everything I didn’t know I needed- check it out here.