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Love & Marriage & Horses & Carriages



Everyone wants to marry me off, and it's getting pretty damn annoying. Talking to relatives or extended relatives (also known as god moms and play cousins) goes like this, "When are you getting married?" "Are yall moving in together?" "You don't want kids?" or my favorite "Don't get so caught up in your career that you forget about a family!"

My career just started, and you want me to worry about other people?! You're asking me to share my space? All the time?! Basing my life decisions around anyone but myself is not where I am right now. I do what I want. When I want. How I want. Some people choose to do that with a family. However, that's pretty selfish, in my opinion. No judgment– selfish decisions are my specialty. I love not considering folks' feelings because I don't have anyone's feelings to consider. As a wife and a mother, that would be a pretty jacked-up way of thinking, and I'm not ready to give that up.

Granted, I am 32, and yes, my clock is ticking, but I'm not in a rush. Marriage and kids are on my long list of goals, but as of right now, they are low in my top 5, and that's ok. I don't like being placed on a timeline, and I hate feeling like I have to explain myself to people regarding my body and my love life. I'm young, and this is time for me to live freely and try different things. This clock will just have to keep ticking.

When the time comes, after this promising career has taken off and I can coast, there's no doubt that I'll be a great wife and mom. As long as I have a "She Shed" because I need my daily alone time. Like, it's a thing. Until then, please leave me alone and hush until you get an invitation.