A Quick Store Run: Healing Crystals & Bad Moods & Shit

A Quick Store Run: Healing Crystals & Bad Moods & Shit

Shauna Toomer
4 min read


Metaphysical stores feel like home to me. It's the smell of burning incense and the usual soothing music that contributes to an instant relaxation mood. I didn't go for any particular reason other than I was in the area and maybe "I need a new raw rose quartz." I didn't, but I made the trip Practical Magical anyway.

The first thing that caught my eye was an auto-writing pen that looked like it was plucked directly from an oak tree. For those who don't know, auto-writing is pretty much allowing Spirit to use you through writing. It's a psychic ability or way of channeling where writing is done involuntarily. I am the vessel, and the messages or ideas are delivered on paper. Sounds easy? It's not. Why was it significant? I'd been telling myself to consistently practice for over a month and finding reasons to avoid it. I've scoured practical magic countless times, and not once did this beautiful brown piece of bark bless my sight. My hands shook, so I added it to my little blue basket, wondering how the hell I would sharpen it.

Now to the rose quartz. It was sold out with everyone preparing for Valentine's Day. So I kept roaming, glancing here and there. I picked up some amber resin to light on a charcoal disk. The smell fits my earthy vibe, and my ancestors like it too. 20 incense for $2.50? We can add that to the basket as well. And there it was, a little dark blue stone with tiny glittery sparkles, a blue goldstone. This one was new to me. I didn't know its properties, but I was drawn to it. Then I came across a dragon stone. It's a bit greenish. Not bright but earth-toned with specks and splotches of red. I made a mental note to look up its meaning later, paid for my items and headed home.

My emotions were all over the place. I was anxious, tired and restless– moody AF. A real rollercoaster, if you ask me. I was right about the blue goldstone. It's a positive, uplifting stone that transmits healing energy. AND – it's ideal for empaths. That's me. I'm a baby empath, and I can't let go of shit. The pretty blue stone also increases self-love and acceptance and soothes hypersensitivity. It's associated with the crown and heart chakras and the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Me again!

The Dragon Stone did it for me. Personal power. Creativity. Strength ( I'd pulled the strength tarot card the other day.) It's also a healing stone that helps to heal repressed emotions. Lastly, it assists with achieving goals and brings in money. And again––––ME! Ok God, I got it. I hear you.