Understanding the Root Chakra with Queen Calii Rollin'

Understanding the Root Chakra with Queen Calii Rollin'

Shauna Toomer
5 min read


Before we get into the root of all things, let's talk a little about chakras as a whole. Chakra is the Sanskrit (an ancient Hindu language) word for wheel or disk. These disks serve as spiritual energy centers within the body. Most commonly, there are seven main chakras starting at the spine and flowing through to the head's crown. Now I am no chakra expert, but if I had it my way they'd spin without ever coming in contact with a single blockage - EVER. Of course, this isn't real life so when I'm feeling unaligned I reach out to my girl, Reiki Practitioner Queen Calii to get me together. As we travel through our chakra journey, we will learn their meanings, locations, how we connect, and other valuable information brought to us by the Queen herself. Also, don't forget to check out a grounding, Earth element connecting, music playlist curated by yours truly - located at the end of this article.

Affirm Yourself Love

  • I am safe
  • I am secure 
  • I am strong 
  • I am grounded 
  • I have access to all of the resources I need 
  • I am equipped with all of the tools I need to succeed
  • Deep inner peace is my natural state 

How Do I Know If My Root Chakra Is Imbalanced?

  • Anxiety
  • Excessive Negativity
  • Restlessness
  • Materialism
  • Impatience

Your root chakra is located at the base of the spine. This is the first chakra - when beginning to heal and release energy blocks from the body this is the place to begin. When your root chakra is balanced you thrive in constant feelings of self security, humility, being grounded, energetic, healthy and feeling extremely safe in your body! 

Understanding Your Body + The Root Chakra

The organs associated with your root chakra are your vertebral column, feet, teeth, skeleton, and legs - many times the body can send you signals of blockages when pain formulates in these spaces of the body with no explanation or repeated force.... 

When your root chakra is blocked and your storing blocked energy you experience feelings of anxiety, fear, many different eating disorders, greed, cynicism, thrilled to indulge in excessive negativity, and overwhelming persistent feelings of insecurity... to heal and release you must first become aware and ease into your healing.



Once you become aware of the tension and pain in your root sit with yourself. REFLECT.

Turn on some essential oils and begin a 10 minute daily meditation. It’s beautiful and relaxing to begin your meditation journey as you shower. Turn on a root chakra release mediation (396 Hz would be my suggestion being that it is a smooth, low frequency that assists in cleansing feelings of fear and guilt). Close your eyes and affirm the release of energy from your root chakra. Imagine white light entering your root, release the blocks and redirect your focus to a healthy and grounded life. When you align the spinal column you bring your organs into alignment, when you bring your organs into alignment you bring your thoughts into alignment….. sit with yourself and breathe…. Explore breath work, get in flow to align your life… 

Everyday Life

Begin to incorporate root chakra healing foods like beets, carrots, potatoes, beans, onions, garlic, chives, peppers, and paprika. Begin to keep root healing stones on the body bloodstone, tigers eye, hematite, and black tourmaline. Move the body - stretch the body , yoga, exercise, physical therapy, water therapy, bicycling, walk in the grass barefoot. Visualize what your most secure self and body looks like.. sketch your most concrete foundation... seek a local reiki therapist who could give you a specifically tailored healing session with deep healing and personal insight on where the blocks in your root have rooted from - messages from spirit and daily direction ♥️

To maintain a connection with your root, consider using some of the items below in your daily practices.

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Healing Crystals: Garnet, black tourmaline, red jasper, obsidian, smoky quartz

Yoga poses: Mountain, Warrior II

Essential Oils: Rosemary, Cedar, Rosewood, Ginger

Herbs: Dandelion root, ginger, sage

Foods: Red apples, pomegranates, beets, potatoes

Activities: Spending time in nature, listen to grounding music, place your feet in the dirt, positive affirmations