This is Shadow Work...

This is Shadow Work...

Shauna Toomer
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"What is shadow work? How do I do it?" are two common questions that I've seen in my many spiritual facebook groups. Here is my definition and a raw example of shadow work via one of my personal journal entries entries.

Shadow work is simply taking care of your shadow. It is taking care of your inner child. Getting to the root of your issues by figuring them out, showing them love, and sending them on their way. It is embracing the good, bad and ugly and loving yourself through it. Shadow work is therapy in many forms. It is checking your mfn ego. It is healing.

How can I practice shadow work?
  • Therapy
  • Journaling
  • Art
  • Whatever works for you

Journal Entry

Spirit said to write so I'm writing. Currently listening to pink $weats & Kehlani - at my worst. It's reverbed according the title - idk but it's a beautiful love song. I had to run it back so I can listen to the words. I think it's the message I need. Makes my eyes water. "I want somebody who can love me at my worst." A word. I want the ability to love someone at my worst. Am I easy to love at my worst? I've been told I make it hard. I've been told that no one wants to be around me. What is wrong with me? Is it me? Am I the drama? I don't think I'm the drama. Maybe I am. Am I the villain? I don't think I am the villain.

I'm mean af. I justify my meanness because people are mean to me. An eye for an eye. Do unto others as they do unto me. But I always end up feeling bad. Asking myself if I went too far then justifying why I took it too far. Moral of the story is: I took it too damn far. Doing unnecessary shit when I can just play it cool or just be fucking cool. Handle my triggers.Communicate nicely, communicate nicely, communicate nicely. Accepting that I've done my part and carrying tf on no matter how it's received. Mean don't get you nowhere but hurt. I'm tired of being hurt. So, I'm letting go of hurt.

Am I taking all the blame? Absolutely not. I truly believe those people didn't have the capacity to love me. Mean or not - I am still very deserving. But I'm taking accountability for my actions and making changes.